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June 20, 2012
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Requested by ChimpyAndLee ^-^
WARNING. This is a lemon, my sweets. That means Reader-chan and Roma-chan are gonna be having
I am not responisble for any deaths by nosebleed or fangasms. That is all.
~~~le page break~~~

You and Romano sat on the couch, watching tv boredly. Actually, Romano was the one watching tv, while you zoned out. You were remembering your wedding day; all the country's forgetting any and all rivalries to witness the marriage of you and your beloved Roma. You then started to remember what happend the night after the wedding. That was the only and last time you and Romano had done it, and that was 3 months ago. You snapped out of your thoughts and glanced at Romano with a smirk. "Hey Romano." You said, turning you head so you were looking at him.
"What is it (y/n)?" He asked, barely glancing over at you.
"Remember our wedding day~?" You asked inoccently. That caught his attention.
"Yea... why are you asking me that?" He asked you, turning his head so he was facing you. You scooted next to him until you were practically on his lap. You leaned up to his ear and whispered in a suductive voice, "remember the night after the wedding~?"
"S-si..." Romano said, blushing a bit. You reached your hand up and pulled on his curl and said, "well then, how about we refresh the memory of that night~?" Romano moaned and nodded slightly, his blush darker then before. You smirked and got off the couch and walked into the bedroom you and Romano shared. Romano came in shortly after you and pinned you down and kissed you passionately before you could say anything. You smirked into the kissed and snaked you hand up and began to abuse Romano's oh-so-sensitive curl. Romano forced his tongue into your mouth, not that you cared, and reclaimed what used to be his. However, you managed to over power Romano's tongue with your own and you began to explore his mouth. As you did so, Romano began to work your shirt off and broke the kiss to take it fully off. You saw a hint of nervousness in Romano's eyes and smirked. "Did Romeo loose his confide-" your sentence was cut short when Romano took your bra off and took your pert, left nipple into his mouth, causing you to moan and lean you head back. Romano pulled away and said with a smirk, "remember bella, the lovers are Italian~" before you could speak he gave your right nipple the same treatment your left had. You moaned again and pulled Romano's curl as hard as you could, causing him to stop and moan. You took this as an opportunity to pin Romano down. You ran your hand down Romano's side and stopped when you got to the waistline around his jeans. "You had your fun, time for me to have mine~" you said with a smirk. You pulled down his jeans and boxers in one quick movement. You ran your finger from the base up to the tip of his member, causing him to shudder in pleasure. You smirked again and took him in your mouth, cause him to moan loudly. You sucked and bobbed your head, causing Romano to writher in pleasure under you. When you felt him about to realease, you pulled away. In the blink of an eye you were under Romano and he pulled down you shorts and panties. He stared into your (e/c) orbs, asking without words if you were ready. You nodded and felt him enter you. You moaned, feeling very little to no pain since it was your seccond time. You bucked your hips, causing Romano to moan and pound into. You moaned loudly as he began to pick up speed and strength. He found you sweet spot and you cried him name. "R-Roma I'm g-going to..." you moaned as you released, Romano realeasing shortly after, moaning your name. He pulled out of you and lay next to you, pulling the blankets over the both of you. He stroked your (h/l), sweaty (h/c) hair and whispered softly, "ti amo, (y/n)..." you both then drifted to sleep.
Requested by :iconthe-cat-widow: sorry if it isn't good, this is my first lemon and I'm a vigin D:

I own nothing but the story itself.

Edit: My god, you all still read this? Okay, it's not very good at all due to I didn't know as much as I know now, but I will still note when I get on this account. It will take awhile, and isn't worth the wait but whatever. XD
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